EMOTIONAL SUPPORT: It is a very common need to find emotional support during times of stress, recovering from changes, or finding help grieving a loss. Problems can cause significant distress and relief is needed, especially to stabilize a crisis.

SAFE PLACE: One of the most common needs is to have a safe place to be able to sort things out. Imagine your emotional struggles getting thrown into a bag and all jumbled up together. The counseling experience is like taking that very private bag of struggles and hurts and beginning the process of sorting through it with hope that something can be done.

GAIN AN OBJECTIVE PERSPECTIVE: Another common need is to get an objective viewpoint from someone that is trustworthy, compassionate and strong. We need someone who will really listen to us and hear what we are saying, clarify, and then give input on and offer solid ideas to resolve issues.

SOLUTIONS FOR REAL PROBLEMS: By collaborating together, problems can be addressed and options offered with individualized, practical, balanced solutions, tools and techniques.